Tap into a broader consumer base with cashless payments

Not everyone carries cash. In fact, >50% of Americans report having cash on hand less than half the time they leave their homes. Eliminate payment as a purchase barrier. Quickly and easily connect your existing vending machines to PayRange to enable consumers make mobile payments. You’ll be joining the fastest growing payment network for everyday things with 3M+ happy consumers.

Give consumers peace of mind by removing touchpoints

High-touch surfaces such as touchscreens and touchpads are often breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. The global pandemic has made consumers increasingly wary. PayRange empowers consumers to not only pay through their phones but also to make their product selection three to six feet from the machine, never having to touch the machine itself.

Engage your customers with loyalty programs and targeted promotions

Utilize the full suite of PayRange marketing services to connect with your users in new and exciting ways. Give users free trials, loyalty bonuses, reactivation offers and more, all quickly and seamlessly through the PayRange app.

Use real-time analytics to make more informed business decisions

Track sales in real time to make smarter ordering decisions, optimize operations and proactively monitor machine health.

Are you vending age-restricted products?
See our BluCheck solution.

How Foley FoodService used PayRange to increase vending purchases

When talking to Fortune 100 employers and retail locations about potential contracts for vending services, the #1 question the Foley sales team was asked was if their machines could accept mobile payments.

Steve Foley
Owner, Foley FoodService

Break the payment barrier with PayRange

Get started now and be up and running in no time.