Provide your customers with a better experience

The only thing worse than having to go to the bank to get coins for laundry is realizing you’ve lost your pre-paid laundry card. With PayRange you can empower your customers to make quick and easy mobile payments and also send them automated end of cycle alerts.

Easily craft loyalty programs and targeted promotions to shift usage at will

Machines overcrowded on the weekends & underutilized during the week? Send your customers targeted offers to help balance things out. You can also give users free trials, loyalty bonuses, reactivation offers & more, all quickly & seamlessly through the PayRange app.

Reduce your operational overhead

Coin payments mean machines that need to be emptied on a regular basis. Free yourself by accepting mobile payments and having your money flow quickly and seamlessly into your accounts.

Monitor your machines to make sure things are running smoothly

Track real-time sales at the machine level to quickly identify and resolve any issues.

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Jetz saved 40% on internal labor costs with PayRange

Transitioning payment streams to digital has long been the holy grail of the laundry industry, but it has traditionally been too capital intensive and operationally challenging to be a realistic option. Read how PayRange made it possible for Jetz, realizing 40% savings on coin collection & other operating costs.

Scott Schenk
CFO at Jetz Service Co. Inc.

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