Set your machines apart from the competition

While most machines can be upgraded to accept mobile payments, the initial investment of time and capital can often be prohibitive. Give yourself a leg up over the competition by providing out of the box touchless mobile payment acceptance to operators who purchase your machines.

Future-proof your operators' investments

Deploying PayRange with your machines enables operators to meet today’s business and consumer needs while also keeping an eye to the future as new features and capabilities can be delivered seamlessly through App updates.

Give your operators peace of mind by removing touchpoints

High-touch surfaces such as touchscreens and touchpads are often breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. Reduce the need for cash collection and maintenance by outfitting your machines with PayRange.

Empower your customers to tap into a broader consumer base

PayRange OEM modules can be easily integrated directly into machine control boards giving operators out of the box mobile payment acceptance capability. They’ll be joining the fastest growing payment network for everyday things with 3M+ happy consumers.

USI got an edge on the competition by integrating PayRange into its machines

When USI began designing their new control board, FLEX, they had an eye towards the future of cashless transactions. Integrating PayRange into the control board gave their vending operators out of the box mobile payment functionality and gave USI an edge.

Jim Chico
President, Global Sales USI

Break the payment barrier with PayRange

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