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All of the functionality your customers want and your business needs

The PayRange patented technology utilizes the consumer’s smart phone connectivity to enable payments for everyday purchases on any machine without the need to buy expensive hardware. The same technology also powers payments to people and businesses to seamlessly complete the customer journey.

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Quickly and easily start accepting touchless payments everywhere you do business via the top rated PayRange app.

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Gain access to the millions of consumers already using PayRange.

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Reward your customers and build lasting loyalty with our built-in marketing, customizable programs.

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Utilize our business dashboards and AI powered analytics to streamline your processes.

Empower your customers to pay however they feel most comfortable

Now more than ever, consumers crave the convenience and safety of being able to pay for their goods and services without handling cash. Moreover, with our touchless feature, they won’t even have to touch the machine to make their product selection. PayRange is compatible with all major credit cards and digital wallets which means limitless ways for your customers to pay.

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Our 5-star rated app is the network more people are choosing, and their numbers are growing fast.