Create an Operator Account

You need an Operator Account with PayRange to manage your BluKey devices and receive deposits for your sales. Start by downloading the Laundry Operator Introduction Guide, then create an account with the second link.


Machine Information

You will receive an email from us with a unique link tied to your order. Please click the link in that email and go through the few steps to select your machine brands and types so that we can provide you with the correct PayRange hardware you need.

Installation Guides

Machines vary, and therefore installation procedures vary. We’ll provide you the correct wiring harness with each BluKey device based upon your answers to your machine census report, and have installation guides available organized by brand.


On-site Device Registration

Part of the installation process involves registering BluKey devices in the PayRange app. Watch this brief video to familiarize yourself with the process.

Promotional Resources

After installation, it’s good to promote PayRange acceptance on your machines. Available promotional items are available for free download or purchase.

General PayRange Information

We have a growing library of content on our PayRange Vimeo channel available anytime.

How to get Support

Need additional help with something? Start with the link below.

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