Schools all over the country are making it even easier for students to get their favorite snacks and drinks. Gone are the days of digging for loose change or waiting for your card to process. With a swipe up on your phone, making everyday payments is simple—for everyone.


Once your child has downloaded the PayRange app onto their smartphone, adding money to their account is a breeze and you can access the transaction history at any time. Plus, paying with a phone is the smart and safe way. Your card details are never sent to the machine and our app doesn’t store them either.

Follow these quick steps after logging into our web portal from your computer.

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Once logged in, the screen will look like this. Find the “Add Funds” button.

NOTE: Clicking the button will launch a pop up. Make sure your browser allows for this.


The pop up will look like this. Use the arrows on the right or type in the amount you want to add.

Next, click the “Add Card” button to enter the details for the card you’d like to use for payment.


After clicking on the button, another pop up will appear that looks like this.

Secure the card by creating a 4 digit PIN that is easy for you to remember. This PIN is associated with the stored card, making adding funds in the future even easier.


After clicking on the “Create PIN” button, another pop up will appear that looks like this.

Enter your credit card details by filling in each form field. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discovery and AMEX.

After complete, click on the “Pay” button and you’re done. Your child’s balance is immediately updated.

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