Getting PayRange is easy.

Follow these simple steps.

OLD – How to get PayRange on machines at your work or school.


Step 1 : Find the person-in-charge

Find the person-in-charge of the vending machines at your location. Often times it’s a manager in the office, human resources, or facilities department. Then in the nicest possible manner ask them if they would please request PayRange be installed. When they ask, “What is PayRange?” simply tell them, “It’s the simplest way for machines to accept mobile payments. You can find out more at”


Step 2 : Contact vending company

The person-in-charge contacts the vending company and informs them that they have received requests for PayRange to be installed on their machines because people want to pay with a mobile phone. It helps to say, “We’ll buy more from your machines if we can pay with our phone.”


Step 3 : Watch for the route driver

The vending company’s route driver installs PayRange which takes as little as 30 seconds. It might happen so fast, you won’t know the machine is upgraded. Look for the PayRange sticker. But give the vending company some time if it doesn’t happen right away. They are working hard and have lots to do. It’s always helpful if you’re nice to the route driver; it might move you to the top of the list of installs.


Step 4 : Use PayRange and share

Use PayRange to pay every time. Tell all your friends and co-workers about PayRange and how it is the new Way to Pay™. If your vending company didn’t install on all the machines, ensuring there is lots of usage will get them to install on more.